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Lynn has been on
the run since the
early 90’s and has
been spotted in
Canada and the
lower 48 states. His
wife, Ali, and son,
Gunner accompany
him. Beware: they
are a force to be
reckoned with.
Lynn learned to be a cowboy
early in life. A multitude of horse
flesh are in his remuda. A
part-time Rancher, Hunter, and
Wild Cattle Puncher, Lynn is an
accomplished Bronc Stomper and
Horse Trainer!   

At top speed, Lynn pops a bull
whip in each hand while steering
his horse with his legs.
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Born on January 8,
1976, a cold winter
night in Ponca City,
Lynn ’s name was
chosen 2 years prior
to his birth out of
respect for his Great-
Grandpa, VL Payne
and “The Father of
Oklahoma”, Captain
David L Payne.
Lynn’s name
is also on the
most wanted
Lynn Payne
The black & white paint, "Little Joe", has been in the show for 20 years.
Lynn, age 14, riding "Droopy".