Should you get a chance
swing into Shidler,
Oklahoma, crawl up around
a 16oz. Steak at "Mandy's
Café" every Saturday night.  
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Amanda J Payne, of Cherokee decent, saw first light on a
reservation in Pawnee, Oklahoma on May 2, 1978.  Mandy
started riding horses as an infant where she learned to keep
up or get left behind.  
As the only girl to follow in the
Bandit's footsteps, Amanda struck out on her own
at the
age 18.  
Amanda Payne
Her son Patrick, the eldest and
already quite the roper,
daughter Liza Jane and
daughter Rowdy, the newest
member of the tribe, can be
seen with Mandy crisscrossing
North America several times a
year.  (Both Mandy and Liza
Jane’s namesake is grand mom
Jane Payne.)
If you're in the right
place at the right time,
you can catch Amanda performing
with Horses,
Mules, Longhorns,
or Buffalo.
She, too, is on the most
wanted list.
Amanda, performing her mustang round-up, aboard
her favorite horse "Joker".